DIY: Homemade Black Pocket Chart

I am always on a quest for something and this summer was no was the elusive black pocket chart. I needed the pocket chart for our Daily 5 rounds (actually Daily 3 in our class). I really wanted black, rather than a primary color, to tie in with our classroom color scheme. Plus, I wanted the choice cards to really stand out.

After much searching around on the Internet, I finally started to give up. Then, by chance, I was struck with inspiration in Target when I saw these business card holders. They were the perfect size and I loved how they had the black strip at the top. I decided I would hot glue the black strip on a black sheet, like this one. I believe I paid about $8.00 for a single panel.

It took about 30 minutes to glue the entire thing. I liked how there were so many pockets (108 altogether!) and that there would be a lot of flexibility in how to display the choice cards. Here is a picture of the finished produce on my driveway. I'm sure my neighbors think I am crazy, as I am always hauling some strange teaching project outside in the summer!

Here is a picture with some of the choice cards inside the chart. I have been doing the Daily 3 each day in class, but I must admit the math rounds did not work out for us this year so those cards are gone!

And one more picture, from when I first hung up the chart this summer. It looks a bit different now with the student name cards and choices we use right now in our Daily 3.

This has worked out better than I expected. The hot glue on the strip has kept the business card holders on very strongly. The curtain has some stretchiness and give, which is great for when the kids are using the chart.


  1. Kristen,

    I love this! I have been trying many methods of organization for stations and whatnot and all have failed. My latest attempt included a lot of velcro circles. From the large picture, I do not see how you used student name cards for the rotation. Do you have any other specifics on how you did this? Thanks!


  2. Hi Molly, thanks! The student cards remained stationary in the first slot...the pockets next to their names held the cards that rotated. I hope that makes sense! :)

  3. I love this too! I want to make my own calendar pocket chart. Maybe I could take what your have done and modify it! Thanks for the post! ~Post Falls, ID

  4. Would you be willing to share your template? I love the little pics :) So cute!

  5. I would love to see a template of your Daily 5 pictures, they are so stinking cute! Would you please share were you got them?

  6. Would love your labels!

  7. Would also love, love, love your labels! Do you have them up here to share?! I couldn't locate them. Thanks so much!


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