New Year's Writing Project

I didn't think I would be posting again until the new year. But I had an idea for my class that I was eager to share with you.

When I start a new idea, I get a little out of control. One minute, I'm calmly drawing something up on my computer (I use a design software called Fireworks). Next thing you know, I'm printing out templates, cutting papers up, and my work area is a total mess in about 2 minutes flat! I'll deal with that later though.

I wanted a little New Year's writing project for when we go back on Monday. I was inspired by those really cool templates that teaching stores know, the ones that look like posters? I did a store-bought one that was "All About Me" with my students back in September and they loved it.

So, I made a template for a New Year's writing paper. And then I blew it up large (on Block Posters)! This image shows a size comparison of two of the papers.

The larger poster sizes print on 6 pages and require a little trimming to fit together, but it was easy to do.

I love lots of options, so I made 4 different templates in all (lines, no lines, regular-sized, poster-sized).

I know my students will want the poster size. I'm going to let them choose whether they'd like lines or not, as I have a huge range of writers in my ELL class. I think the blank template will work well for my most non-English proficient students...I will let them draw a picture as well as use a phrase in each bubble.

I really hope you can use these in your class. And I would love to hear back about how it went if you decide to try it out. I will be posting about how it went in my class on Monday or Tuesday.

1. Small paper, no lines
2. Small paper, with lines
3. Poster, no lines
4. Poster, with lines

I hope you have a very happy New Year's Eve! Off to clean up my work area...


  1. These are wonderful! I love the idea of getting the kids to share their hopes and thoughts for a new year! I can't wait to use these when I become a teacher!!

  2. Love this! I already printed it. Thanks for the great post.

    A Class Act

  3. This is a great idea for the New Year. Thanks a bunch.

  4. Loved it and printed it! My second graders will be doing this tomorrow! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! I love it! (hopefully the 1st graders will too.)

  6. This looks like fun. I need to start mid-year testing this should be a great independent activity for my 4th graders.

  7. Thank you for sharing this!!! I had my 3rd graders work on it and they love it!

  8. Thank you guys for leaving comments! I am so glad you all can use it :) :) :)

  9. I just learned so much about my own children! Thank you so much for the terrific file.

  10. Great blog Kristin. Thank you for the "Thinking about the New Year" worksheet. I will be using that in January.
    Please follow me on my blog. I just started, so I am not a savvy with it yet!!
    the "Feisty" classroom


  11. I love this printable. My daughter's only 4, but we're going to try filling this out anyway. It will be fun to look back on. Thanks!

  12. Great idea! I would love it if you would link up to my New Year Linky Party at Let's ring in the new year with lots of great ideas to share and celebrate!

  13. Oh my goodness I just found this post and this poster looks great!! I really need to just spend a day (or a few) to go back and read all your old posts that I missed before I found you!! You are just full of so many wonderful ideas!! Happy New Year, friend!

    Lessons with Laughter

  14. I'll be using this tomorrow!! I think the kids will LOVE having a large poster and I'll be sure to take their pics too!

    First Grade Lyons' Den

  15. Thank you so much!!! I think I will use this for a homework assignment this week :)

  16. Just downloaded to use with my second graders.
    Literacy Spark

  17. What a gem! Thanks. This is a great resource.


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