Nameplates for an ever-moving classroom!

My ELL students love any visuals that can help them in their learning, so I have always been a fan of those big, fancy deskplates.

The only problem? Like many classrooms, we work in several different places around the room. From the tables to the carpets, my class is always on the move.

I had always laminated the deskplates for longevity, then taped them to the desk with packing tape. This had worked well until last week, when I witnessed several of my kids dashing back to their seats to refer to their multiplication charts. I loved that they were utilizing their I decided to make them a bit more mobile. I attached a tiny bit of Velcro to each corner...just enough to hold them in place, but also easy enough to remove without too much of that tearing Velcro sound.

I am definitely going to do this from now on! It has been really nice to see the students take this tool to different areas of the room. Plus, it saves me the time of making more reference charts that the students don't really need--they're already on the deskplate.

One thing however--we did need a quick lesson on the importance of not pulling at the Velcro corners during lessons! :)


  1. I love the velcro idea. I teacher kindergarten and they are very rough with the name tags. So this year I used a free paint stick from home depot and spray painted them then put velcro on the back and wrote their name with a paint marker. I have a lot of movement in my school so it works great when someone leaves I just paint over the old one.

  2. What about using magnetic tape instead of velcro?

  3. The sound of velcro is like nails on a chalkboard for me. So, I think magnetic tape is how I will go. Kristen, thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I have done this before. Looks way better than the wide tape. :)

  5. Where did you get the desk plate?

  6. This is genius! I'm having problems getting the stickiness from my packing tape off of the desks. Can't wait to do this!

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