Exit Slip management

Ms. Durning posted some excellent exit slips recently (see her post and fantastic blog here!). I have to thank her, because they have helped me make more of an effort to use them with my kids.

We've been using them in math and science this past week and they have been a wonderful way to wrap up lessons (plus, I love the accountability for all students!).

I wanted to make a pocket to store them in by our door. So I decided to laminate, fold, and staple a paper to hold them (kind of like the Notes to the Nurse pocket I made). I ended up making 3 different versions of the sign...just because it's fun to have a choice! You can skip to the bottom of this post to access the files (different versions are labeled in the image to the left). I'm planning on using a combination of the slips Ms. Durning made, plus some larger ones with lines for my students who are just learning to write in English.

Here is how I made the pocket:

I glued the sign onto black paper, then folded the paper to make the pockets.

I made a cut in the middle of the fold, to separate the paper into two pockets (with my favorite paper cutter!!).

Then I laminated the whole thing.

I stapled the outer and inner edges of the pockets.

And the final result!

I put some labels on to, so the students would know where to put their finished slips.

Here are the files (the image back at the beginning of the post shows the different versions you can choose from).

Exit Slips 1
Exit Slips 2
Exit Slips 3

What do you do for exit slips or end of lesson routines?


  1. Very cute!! I've been thinking about how I want to manage them. I know the dollar store sells little plastic popcorn containers. That might be cute. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Here is what I do:



  3. You share the most wonderful techie and organizational tips! Would you feed your blog into http://teacherstalkpositive.blogspot.com/? We'd love to see your stuff shared in lots of places to help more people know about you!

  4. Exit slips are great -- I love doing them! They give such great assessment data quickly. I actually just posted a 'ticket out the door' on my blog a few days ago. Have a great week!
    -Amy @ http://www.teamstraus.com/blog

  5. where would you store the slips after they are complete?

  6. Hey Cristina...the students are going to put them in the right hand pocket when finished, then I'll just collect them from there to look over.

  7. Will you hand them back to the students or keep them?

  8. Hi Cristina,
    I'm going to check them off after they pass them in to see their understanding and give them a bit of feedback. Then I'll send them home.

  9. ok perfect thank you =) ..I used the Exit Slips today!! My kiddies loved them and they concentrated so hard when filling them out.. it was very organized and I couldn't be happier! I have 28 first graders this year and it is sometimes hard to make sure they each understand a new concept.. this is the perfect solution!! Thank You so much !

  10. Yay! I'm so glad you could use them! I really love how all kids can respond and show what they have learned...it's so easy and differentiated. Have a lovely night!

  11. LOVE your exit ticket idea! I would very much like to be part of your blog. Please send ideas to aambrose@necsd.net
    THANKS!!!! :)

  12. I have your nurse notes already and love them. I tried to download the exit slips and it kept saying error. Can you please email them to me at kalynyoung@cox.net. Thanks so much and how do I follow your blog as well?



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