Dollar Days at Scholastic!

A wonderful teacher over at Proteacher shared about the latest Dollar Days...

there are some really nice books on there this time!!

I'm a little embarrassed to share how much I spent, but I got some class sets of books I know my kids will love--YAY!

I wanted to pass the news to you. Click the image above to head on over.

Oh yes, one more can also search by reading level, which is pretty cool :) :) :)


  1. I just found your blog! WoW! You are amazing!! Thank you for all of the great resources!
    Sheri :o)

  2. Haha....Dollar days are one of my guilty pleasures as a teacher! I spend way to much money each time they come around....But I just NEEEEEEEEDED a set of the books or guided reading...DUH!



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