Storage Linky Party!

You can’t resist turn down that inevitable aisle in the Dollar Tree and there they are...

They are so alluring, all shiny and colorful and, well, organized-looking!!

It’s plastic storage!! Want to share yours? You can link up below...I'm sharing my favorites here।

The blue baskets above are part of a set I have (ok, maybe more than just a "set"!!) of Dollar Tree baskets. They have served many purposes, but are best for holding our EDM games (see more about those here and here).

These clear tubs are for my classroom library. I got the idea to use clear from the fabulous teachers over at Proteacher, as well as some other websites. The clear is great because it will go with any color scheme you have in your classroom. I use the larger tubs for the genres/subjects I have tons of books for and...
...the smaller ones for the rest of my books. I'm thinking of changing up the labels a bit this summer (and of course I will share anything I do with them!).
This next shot shows two of my other storage favorites. The little blue baskets hold our community supplies. The drawers (which are my ABSOLUTE favorite) store my files. They make a great counter-top space as well!

I have some big storage plans for this summer...I want to get a few more of the three drawer storage units (as shown above) to hold my daily papers and assessments on my desk. I also want to get some kind of smaller drawer craft storage...nothing too big that I can fill up with junk (I'm in a huge decluttering phase right now). Any suggestions for craft storage?

Now I know I'm not alone in my obsession with storage--and I would love to see your favorites and how you use them...just link up below!


  1. I too have an obsession with plastic storage containers. My principal just commented on it last week. I can't share pictures as our school year is over and we have to cover everything for summer cleaning crew. My problem is I like everything to match, so I seem to constantly buy new sets of baskets. My goal this year is to use what I have.

  2. storage!!!!!!!! I'm hoping to post about this over the weekend and share it here :)

    Miss Kindergarten

  3. Oh I love storage! Thanks for the inspiration for my next post. :)

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  4. Kristen! I posted my bins a couple of months ago and I added it to your linky party {hope you don't care my post is older}. LOOOOVVEEE organization!!!


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