Video Tutorial: Adding a Google Reader button!

I know many people enjoy reading blogs through Google Reader, so I did some searching around to see if there was a button to make this easier...and there is!

The website to generate the button can be found here: Add to Google Button

If you'd like some more information on how to add this button, you can also check out the video below.


  1. You have such a pleasant voice! :)

    I feel like its been forever since I spoke with you. I'm still reading, listening, and watching as you become our technology guru.

    Primary Graffiti

  2. Thanks ladies, always lovely to see you both!

    Cheryl, I wish I was even close to that--it's definitely an addiction!! Thanks again (left you a note on your blog) :)

  3. Thanks Kristen! I've learned so much lately about tracking followers, which is really impossible to be accurate since it's estimated that 80% of a blog's pageviews comes from other sources like Twitter, FB, Google Readers, other RSS sources, etc. (not the follower's gadget) I wish they could somehow all link together- I guess only in the perfect blogging world. :o)

    I appreciate you sharing this post so I can now provide this info. for TBA readers. Hey, did you see the "Blog Bundles" on TBA's sidebars that one of our readers is putting together for each grade level? So cool!

  4. You are sooooo amazing! Thanks for making all of our blogs better! I really LOVE your blog!!!! Thanks,Nancy

  5. I did it! Thanks for the video with step by step. I find myself taking notes so I can have it to go back to later. Thanks:) Oh and I tried your other tutorial too, you can see from my handy work below. Thanks a bunch!
    Kinders on the Block


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