New specials signs {printable}

And, you guessed it, they're round! Don't worry, the ones I'm sharing below don't have to be circular!

Last year, I made all of our classroom signs with Thistlegirl graphics. Many of them can still be used, so I really only need to change a few to tie in with the new design scheme.

So, I picked some of the brightest-clothed kids I could find (to go with my color scheme) and printed them out on cardstock.

Since they're going to be backed on black fabric on my bulletin boards, I decided not to laminate them. Which was hard for me, because I laminate practically every inanimate object in my classroom!!

But I thought the matte look would be nice against the fabric. I mean, once they're up there, nothing will happen.

Alas, I do not know the schedule of our specials yet. But I plan on printing the days on each of the five colors of bright paper and positioning them kind of free-form behind each little sign.

I don't know if these signs will work for your specials, but I did want to share them, just in case you can use them.

Specials Signs


  1. I love love love those signs! I wish our specials were the same names. We have several more as we are on an 8 day rotation. With PE repeating several times. Love the people! Super cute!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I was wondering if you could do one that says "Guidance" with two generic looking kids. We have the counselor come into our classrooms to work on character and behavior issues. Thanks. Liz in South Dakota

  3. I love!!!!! We also have Spanish on our schedule. I have a few of the thistle girl icons. I'm going to try to make one. Quick Question: do you mind sharing the font name? I have OCD when it comes to matching :).



  4. AHH, specials... I am so jealous. We don't have specials. So, yup - that means no planning period... we have to eat with our students at lunch and breakfast, and have to be with them at recess. I know, really random - but I just had to say that I am totally jealous of your specials!

  5. OH MY GOSH! I think the health one may be the cutest thing I have seen!!!
    We have tons of specials including the ones you did, we also have P.E., Spanish, Technology, Math, Science - we're just cRazY! haha

    Lessons Learned

  6. Thanks for sharing these! They are too cute! (I wish we had Health so I could use that sign!).

    Primary Inspired

  7. First, thanks for visiting my blog and becoming my newest follower! That was so sweet and unexpected!
    Second, these labels are ADORABLE.
    Last, we do not get Specials. We have a planning period in the morning before the kids arrive but you're looking at the music, health, art, PE, what have you, teacher! I think I need to move! :)
    Thanks again!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  8. I love the specials signs you are sharing. We have computers instead of health. Our specials block is 50 minutes a day. I am so thankful for the planning time!

  9. love them! we have computers and spanish too!

  10. These are precious!!!! At my school we have the same specials with the exception of health. Our students also have computer. Thank God, for a planning period!! Please post a computer sign...

  11. I love the signs! We have specials everyday which is our planning time. We have P.E. not gym and we also have computers, science lab, and math lab. It's a very big school so they need a lot of specials. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love them! Thanks so much for sharing all of these great resources. You do a great job.

  13. I love all your labels!!! I noticed on one of your post that you had round numbered genre library labels you were working on...I hope you will be sharing these soon!!

  14. Very cute! Thanks for sharing!!Ours is rotating but not as easy to remember for the kids since we have 5 enrichments and every Friday they go to gym again for "Fitness Friday." Gotta get all those "PE hours" in.

    We also have computer and theater arts ..would you be able to make one for those?
    Thanks so much!!!

  15. These are so adorable! I WILL be using them in my room! Please please please make a Computer one!! Thank you!!

  16. I can't wait to use these...would you be willing to add computer lab, assembly and guest visitor? Thanks!

  17. These are awesome!! : ) Thanks for posting! We also have the same specials except we have computers instead of health. I don't know how teachers do it that don't have plan time!! What font did you use? Thanks again!!

  18. love those! We have computers instead of Health, and once a month we will have Guidance instead of computers. We have them for 50 minutes a day, but we are on a rotation, so we don't always have them the same day of the week. I could make A B C D E and rotate them under the signs though...that's a thought!!
    Thanks for sharing!!


  19. These are great! I, too, would love to have a "Computers" sign. Are you sorry you asked? Thanks so much for sharing.


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