July 19, 2011

Some more specials signs!

If you commented on the specials signs last night, I compiled them all into one document below. Thanks for the sweet words yesterday!

These are the last ones, sorry, or I'll never finish my huuuuge To-Do List!!!! Have a lovely evening!

More Specials Signs


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Those are great! I know what you mean..I feel like my to-list just keeps growing instead of getting smaller!!

    Thanks again!!


  2. OMG you are AMAZING! THANK YOU!!!

  3. Thanks for the computer one, We have a new technology (read woohoo) person, I can use that one too! You so rock! Thanks so much for doing the work! Now do you do windows? (and I don't mean computer wise)

  4. Thanks so much!! What font do you use?

  5. Thank you so much! This is so helpful!

  6. THANK YOU! I love you signs they are so adorable. Thank you so much for taking the comments into consideration. You're wonderful!

  7. Thanks for making these! I think I'll print them small and post them beside each week on the calendar - we rotate to a different place for specials each week. With these on the calendar, the kids can help me remember where to take them, and then they also have the words if they want to write about their escapades in Specials. Suh-weeeet!

    Mrs. Cobb @ Mrs. Cobb's Kinder Sprouts

  8. Thanks for making the computer and p.e. signs! They are just what I needed! You are amazing!

  9. Thanks for the signs. I was needing a couple of those! Love the sharing!