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Free For All Friday!

I have been working on my classroom all week and have missed being on here so much! I am spending this evening on the blogs and watching the weather--I hope everyone who is close to the hurricane right now is safe, I will be thinking of you. I think we're north enough in New England to be ok...but we are all watching anxiously.

I haven't had a chance to participate in Teacher Week yet, so I wanted to do something today. :)


School Supply Activity

Hello, Ladybug Teacher Fans!!!!
We are so excited to take part in Kristen's great Printables Paradise idea!

Here's a quick way to involve the students in organizing the endless mounds of school supplies that come along with the start of a new school year!
Nicole and Melissa :)
Lesson Plan SOS


Oh' Boy another freebie :)

This post has been moved to it's home over at Oh Boy 4th Grade! Please click on the green link to head on over and download these fabulous resources!!

Organizing the unorganized!

Are you having a great virtual vacation?
Well, since it's a printables paradise...
I've got a few things for you {It's me, Rachelle! I'm from What the Teacher Wants}!

When Kristen asked me to guest post, she said "post a printable that really works well in your classroom". I immediately thought something with organization. I really try to be organized and I like when other teachers come into my classroom and say it looks so neat, clean and organized. It's funny because sometimes I feel like I teach in a total mess! I am my worst critic. Do you feel that way?

I have provided with you my binder covers.
I keep important things in binders that I can easily access. Like this:

I revamped a lot of my binders and made them all sorts of cutesy! :) I hope you enjoy!


The Freebie Fun Continues!!

Lutton 519
I'm so very excited to be here as your Wednesday freebie girl!! :) Most of you know me as the voice behind Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher. I've been blogging since January and I LOVE it!! I've met so many awesome people and learned so very much. Please stop buy and say hi!! Comments make me all giddy!! If you're a blogger you so know what I mean!

I just recently became a co-author on the blog Me and My Gang! This is a blog divided into lounges/pages by grade level. They are presently taking authors for grades k-3 so get on over and get in on the fun!! I'm an author on the third grade page. It will be a one stop spot to find all things 3rd grade. It is going to be really cool so type on over and follow along!!

I'm flattered that Ladybug asked me to be a guest on her blog and I hope some of you can use the freebies I'm about to dish out!!

I finally got my library bin tags/labels finished and uploaded. So, I'll start off with those!! I have a classroom library that has gotten a little out of control! I have a bit of a book buying problem. :) Scholastic is one of my biggest vices. They just don't have 12 step programs for Scholastic. :)

A Mini Word Wall

Hi everyone! It's Ms. M from Ms. M's blog. I am here on the 3rd day of Kristen's Printables Paradise week long giveaway. 

I am happy to be coming to you today from one of my favoriteteacher’s blog, Ladybug Teacher Files. :) I am super excited and honored to be blogging along such fabulous bloggers.

If you follow my blog, Ms. M’s Blog AKA Ms. K/1 ELL thispost might look familiar. However, I the teacher blog community has grown so much that I thought it was worth re-posting. There is also a new freebie attached so you mightwant to reread. ;)

On my blog this post is titled “Said is Dead” because aspart of our Writing curriculum we try to get the students to use synonyms for“said” in their writing. So we use “Said is Dead” or “Put Said to Bed.” Thestudents just LOVE this! However, the lessons don’t always reach my ELLstudents. SO as an ELL teacher I take this lesson as an opportunity to not justto teach synonyms and antonyms, but to use “fancy” words. Essentially I make amini, interactive word wall that the students use to enhance their writing and vocabulary. The best part is that it is done in a compact way! How do Ido it? Just read on.

Student Interest Survey

Hi!  My name is Mrs. Saoud of Primary Graffiti

My blogging adventure didn't begin with a teacher blog.  In 2009,  my students began posting on a student blog as a way to connect with active military parents fighting oversees.  We live in Jacksonville, which is well know for the Navy.  Reaching out and connecting families through our blog became a mission for my students and I.  It didn't take long for me to realize the impact that blogging had on writing.  The kids were eager to write so that they may post on the web.  Parents were eager to read what their student was working on during school hours.  I was honored to loop with my kids through our primary years.  This experience led to Primary Graffiti. As the kids developed their writing, we transitioned from journal post to published writing in various genres.  This year, I am remaining in second grade with a new group of kids.  I will meet my new class on Friday!  I'm interested in knowing who loves to read. I wonder which students will dive into writing!  Will they love to blog?  What are their interests?  I created a student interest survey to complete with the kids on the first day of school.  I am eager to see which student is willing to post their answers on our class blog!

Teamwork Bingo

Hi Fellow Ladybug Fans!

I am so excited to have been asked to guest blog for Kristen. I'm Jodi and I run The Clutter-Free Classroom (a blog focused on classroom organization and management). Today I am going to share one of my favorite classroom tools and some free printables for your classroom.
I must start by saying this is not my original idea. I actually first heard of this while conducting an interview. The job candidate was fresh out of student teaching and shared some things that her cooperating teacher had used. I loved the idea so much that I tried it in my classroom and it is now one of my favorite ways to reinforce positive behavior.

It's called Teamwork Bingo.

And as the name implies, it encourages the students to work together.

Would you like to go on a vacation?

I know it's back to school time, but I think you all deserve a break! I mean, everyone's been working so hard lately. Maybe you're putting the last finishing touches on your gorgeous new classroom, or perhaps you've just survived the first few days of school. Or maybe you're working at a crazy rate to get ready for the new year (ok, that last one was me but I know there are many more of you doing the same!).

Some Before Pictures

So. I went into school today with my sister and we worked on the room for five hours. We are beat! We did a ton today and will be headed in again tomorrow. I don't think my room will be totally done for a couple of weeks, but I wanted to post my before pics now, so I could link back to them when we are finished.

All-in-One Teacher Binder {printable}

I just love binders! I like how everything can be sorted into neat little, hidden files, then stowed away oh so nicely on the shelf. However, I think I might like binders (as in the plural form) a bit too much. See photo evidence here.

Thanks to the fabulous Leslie, from Kindergarten Works, I have decided to consolidate my system. Leslie just posted an incredible entry on her blog about how she keeps everything important together in one binder, in her post on Binder Basics. (By the way, if you haven't checked out her blog yet, you must! She is so amazing, she makes me sometimes wish I taught Kindergarten, and you know how much I love working with my older students!!)

Community Supply Bins {printable}

This is the last time I blog about supply labels, aaargh!!

Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is I occasionally post about my projects before they are completely finished, since I can't wait to share them with you! The reason this is good?

Because of the bad news: I thought the taller cups I was using for my supplies could be hot glued to the bins, so they wouldn't tip over. Unfortunately, this melted my first set of cups beyond repair. Sigh.
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