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Lutton 519
I'm so very excited to be here as your Wednesday freebie girl!! :) Most of you know me as the voice behind Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher. I've been blogging since January and I LOVE it!! I've met so many awesome people and learned so very much. Please stop buy and say hi!! Comments make me all giddy!! If you're a blogger you so know what I mean!

I just recently became a co-author on the blog Me and My Gang! This is a blog divided into lounges/pages by grade level. They are presently taking authors for grades k-3 so get on over and get in on the fun!! I'm an author on the third grade page. It will be a one stop spot to find all things 3rd grade. It is going to be really cool so type on over and follow along!!

I'm flattered that Ladybug asked me to be a guest on her blog and I hope some of you can use the freebies I'm about to dish out!!

I finally got my library bin tags/labels finished and uploaded. So, I'll start off with those!! I have a classroom library that has gotten a little out of control! I have a bit of a book buying problem. :) Scholastic is one of my biggest vices. They just don't have 12 step programs for Scholastic. :)

This is a shot of my old library. I had to move rooms this year so I was forced to really go through and organize. I put all my books in book bins by author, genre, series, topic, etc. I then label the bins nicely so that my library helper can put them where they go. Stay tuned to Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher for my new and improved libraries!
(Yep, LIBRARIES - I'm sooo out of control!!)
Library Lables Space
If you like these and you need anything in addition just email me or leave a comment over at Thoughts of a Third grade Teacher and I will hook you up!!

My teaching is a blend of daily 5, Cafe, Strategies That work, and the Toolkit. I always have these two resources on hand and they help to guide my teaching. My next freebies go with the philosophy that reading is thinking. I want to make my students thinking visible so that I can learn about them as readers/thinkers. This helps me tailor lessons and conferences. I use sticky notes but sometimes I need a turn in format. Sticky notes can get... well.... sticky! :)

I created these freebies for my students to show me their thinking throughout the year and I hope you can use them too!!
BK Construction

Track Your Thinking Cars

I hope everyone found something they could use! I would love it if you dropped by and followed along! This year is going to rock and I can't wait to share and collaborate with everyone!
Lutton 519
Thanks so very much Kristen for having me over for the day!!

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  1. Love the library space signs, but my fav is the Track your thinking cars worksheet. NICE. :)

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