School Supply Activity

Hello, Ladybug Teacher Fans!!!!
We are so excited to take part in Kristen's great Printables Paradise idea!

Here's a quick way to involve the students in organizing the endless mounds of school supplies that come along with the start of a new school year!
Nicole and Melissa :)
Lesson Plan SOS

Print this idea and directions for use at Google Docs: School Supply Activity


  1. SUCH a great idea! You gals are FABULOUS!

  2. This is great! I am thinking this would also be a quick, early way to spot check for some numeral writing skills in first grade.

  3. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing! Not too "kiddie" to use in sixth grade! :)


  4. this is EXACTLY what i need! organizing school supplies is a nightmare! kristen how can i get this file via google docs exactly? thank you for sharing this but it seems to be out of reach for me.


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