Weekly Papers & Lunch Bucket Signs {printable}

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a couple of organizational signs I made this week.

The first sign is for my little file-box-with-a-handle (which I LOVE!). You can see more about my weekly files organization by following the green link. This has worked well for me and I still use this organization this year.

The second file is for our lunch basket. This is our first year of having recess first, then lunch (and I love it!) but that means I need a bin to store the lunches while the kids are outside...hence more lovely plastic storage and a sign!

And, in case you're wondering if I am that crazy, I do cut out the frame because I LOVE that shape and it really pops on the plastic storage! I know I'm strange, it's ok :)

I hope you can use at least one of these! I have a lot more to share sign-wise if I can get a handle on this year!! It's been busy, as many of you are experiencing I'm sure.

I also wanted to says thanks to everyone who has entered the KPM Doodles Clipart Giveaway! I appreciate the kind comments so much and have "met" many new bloggers today. The giveaway is open until Wednesday, so please check it out if you have a moment!

And here is the file...

Weekly Papers and Lunch Bucket Signs


  1. so cute!! thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVE it! Definitely using the lunch basket sign. Thanks so much!

  3. I love the lunch sign! We have recess first too and I have a few kiddos who do bring a lunch from home. This will be a great label for our boring bucket!


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