Customizable Substitute Stationary {printable}

Hey again bloggy friends! Look at me, blogging two whole days in a row! Maybe I'm finally back on track again...well, here's hoping!

This post is the first half in a two-part series. I do have a personal day coming up in the future and wanted a way to keep my sub plans a bit more organized than usual. And cute of course!

So, rather than the usual basic sub plans I leave behind, I decided to FINALLY buckle down and set up a cohesive (hopefully!) packet to help my fabulous substitute teachers out.

Great Math Program & Password Slips

Happy holiday weekend everyone!! I am using this bit of extra time to get some things organized before that last crazy stretch before Christmas...and I'm hoping to get on the blog more to share these files. Tonight, I made some slips for our computer passwords. Our school uses Study Island, so this is one password I will record on here for my students.

Thanksgiving Homework Pass {printable}

Hello lovely blog friends! I have specifically put aside schoolwork and house decorating to sit and blog for once!

I've been thinking a lot and I finally have a theory on my lack of blogging. You see, I only started blogging about a year ago, but it was late December and I was ready for vacation and to start blogging.

A new Vocabulary Graphic Organizer

Happy Saturday!! It feels like forever and half since I've been on here and I do not like it!! Someone, please tell me when this year will calm down!!! I'm hoping it will soon but I keep making the same mistake! Every time I think I have a handle on new curriculum or other going-ons (is that a word?) something else happens.

Blah. I just want to blog!! Anyhow, I wanted to share a new graphic organizer I made for vocabulary...

Managing our charts & some customizable charts!

Happy Saturday!!

Last night, I shared some anchor charts I had made to replace my oh-so-blah handwriting (which you'll get to see further down this post--woohoo!).

I wanted to share a bit more this evening about how I am managing the charts (since this is still relatively new to me).

Power/Internet Outage=Anchor Charts!

I promise they're related ;)

Remember that Nor'easter I mentioned last weekend? Well, it turned out to be pretty big around here. As in knock-out-the-power, three days of no school kinda big!

Now, I won't lie, I wasn't too disappointed with the extra time off. But there was one little problem...
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