Managing our charts & some customizable charts!

Happy Saturday!!

Last night, I shared some anchor charts I had made to replace my oh-so-blah handwriting (which you'll get to see further down this post--woohoo!).

I wanted to share a bit more this evening about how I am managing the charts (since this is still relatively new to me).

I think I've mentioned a couple of times that we are following America's Choice for Reader's and Writer's Workshop. There are charts, charts, and more charts with each lesson. I have no problem with charts and I think they're great for my newcomer ELL's....BUT...they are so cluttering!!! We are supposed to keep them throughout the year, in case we need to refer to them again at a later point. So I decided to get things organized!

I started by (not finished yet) punching some holes in the charts and hanging them in one place (with those little 3M hooks), in the back of the classroom...

To keep them organized, I started tabbing them with mini-sticky notes...

(Side note: I love how ELL their writing topics are! I love my class!!). Here's a closeup of the tabs...

I think this should work well and make it easy for me to find older charts, in case I need to display something again.

Now on to the little printed charts. Kind of another sidenote...I had some questions about the font and chart size last night. The font is "Elephants in Cherry Trees" (one of my absolute faves ever!). The little charts I made print out in landscape format and are the exact copies of the charts we created together, just a bit neater and cliparty for more pizzazz.

So, I knew I wanted to type the charts up, but I also didn't want a sea of smaller charts all over the room...I wanted my students to be able to reference them easily. I needed more organization!

So I JUST started trying this out and I like it so far...

I made some circular labels on bright-colored paper. One is for "Ideas", to organize all of our brainstormed charts:

(I thought this would especially be helpful in Writer's Workshop, with all the topics for writing in one place).

For the other, more procedural charts, I sorted them under "Rituals and Routines" (an America's Choice phrase we use).

Next week I will add a "Grading" label as well, for our rubrics.

And, finally, the customizable charts! This is something new I just uploaded to my Teacher's Notebook store and would love to hear your thoughts if you want to share. I created several of these charts in a Powerpoint format, so they can be customized completely, by using the Textbox feature in PPT...

You can see the first six charts by clicking below...
Teacher's Notebook

I hope the chart organization was of some help to someone. I am still feeling my way through this process and would love any advice if you have it!! :)


  1. Kristen.........I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! You are so organized!

    I love that you've opened your TN store!

  2. Kristen...I love the tabbing idea, wish I had thought of it. :)

  3. GREAT IDEA! :) I hope that someday I am HALF as organized as you are!


  4. Thanks for your great ideas. I really like your EAL spin. I teach at an international school in Tanzania and lots of your ideas for EAL students are very applicable in my classroom. We had international day last Friday and in my classroom there were 12 different nationalities. Keep up the good work!

  5. Live all the color on black and what a great idea to keep the originals together at the back of the room. I will have to try that. I will say that I do take some of my charts down after a while. After 3 years with my writers program I have learned which ones my kids will use daily and which ones are only referenced occasionally. The ones that are inky referenced occasionally I keep put away but handy so the kids or me can grab them anytime.

    You did a fantastic job. I love them.

    Ms. M

  6. You rock!! I don't know how you find the time. You must work around the clock. The posters look awesome and I love how you made them customizable.
    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  7. I absolutely love the anchor charts!! will you be posting them to download or on your teacher notebook?

  8. I just noticed your blog button! When did you change it?!?!

  9. Thanks guys!

    Hadar, I changed it a couple of weeks ago, thanks! I thought that since all of my classroom labels are round, might as well make the blog one round too, haha!

  10. What font did you use for the headings? I love how it is color with a black trim!

  11. i LOVE these! how did you print them so big and colourful?

  12. I love your ideas. I just got a brand new ELL student last week and some of your ideas would be great to use with him! You posted about the font you use, but where did you find the cute pictures that you have on them? I'd love to start making my own and share on my own blog (if I ever remember to update it!). Keep up the great work! :)

  13. I tape wire clothes hangers to the back of my charts. them the children can take them off the hooks and put them pack easily.
    Now I am going to go put post its on my charts- wonderful idea!!


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