Decluttering for a new year {printable}

Ok, in all decluttering is taking about two years! Seriously! I began two summers ago and will not be completely finished until the end of this year. I hope.

So you might think I move really slowly...and sometimes I guess I do! But, in actuality, it has taken me a long time to do this because I've tried to be systematic about it.

Anyhow, it all started last summer when I took a look around my room and saw...

End of the Year Sale :)

It's the end of 2011 and I wanted to celebrate the coming new year with a little sale. Everything in my Teacher's Notebook shop is 50% off right now, until tomorrow!!

I also wanted to let you know tomorrow is also the last day to enter the giveaway for a new blog design, if you are looking for one (details here).

Thanks so much for stopping by this evening...looking forward to getting back to some regular posting once the giveaway is over! :)

New math labels in the shop...

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your vacation time with your friends and family.

I have uploaded some math labels to my Teacher's Notebook shop...these are similar to the ones I use for my math games and manipulatives, as shown in the photo below...

Contact paper on desks and tables

I know I have mentioned covering my tables with contact paper before, but I've had some more questions about this and wanted to share a bit about what works and what doesn' case you'd like to try it out. :)

Classroom Tour {Part 1}

Whew! One more day (well, half-day) to go and I am FREE!! Free to blog stalk, comment, and just plain catch up!

So, I realize a classroom tour is way overdue, but that seems to be the theme of this year--it has just taken over in a way that I never imagined!

A couple of my wonderful bloggy friends asked about sharing more pictures on my previous post, so I went through some images tonight. This is not my entire room (hence the Part I!) but it is a good overview. Some things have changed and some things are going to change soon's a glimpse of what I started with this fall.

Managing materials without a teacher's desk!

I got rid of my teacher's desk a few years back when I had a large 5th grade class in a small room--we were so squished that year!

I remember how nervous I was about doing so...I actually felt a bit sick over it and almost talked myself out of it!

New Year's Writing {printable}

This is an oldie that has been refurbished for 2012! I used a graphic organizer like this last year and blew it up to poster students loved working on this when we came back from Christmas break!

(If interested, you can read more about the original file here).

I wanted to update the graphic organizer a bit for the new year. And, of course, to share the file with all of my lovely readers who have stuck with me despite my horrible blogging habits as of late. I am very appreciative of your support and interest...thank you for being so understanding!

Sooo...this graphic organizer can be downloaded via the green link below. Leave me some ladybug love if it's something you can'll help me get through this looooong upcoming week, ha!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday, whether at home with family or in school!! :)

New Year's Graphic Organizer

{Doodle Frame by Miss Tiina at}

Reasons I know Christmas is near!!

The wonderfully hysterical and creative Reagan from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits and the fabulous Amanda from One Extra Degree have both shared their top ten reasons they know Christmas is near.

Besides the fact that both of these blogs are an absolute MUST FOLLOW because of their creativity and knowledge, these girls are just too funny!! You must stop by and see them both if you haven't already.

I don't quite have a top ten because, well, I am just too tapped to be creative lately so I will just share a bit of my experiences thus far.

Pass the Bloggy Christmas Card!


A Virtual Christmas Card to share!!


I wanted to send out a little virtual Christmas card to say happy holidays and a huge THANKS to everyone in the teacher-blogging all have impacted my career in so many ways. And for that, I am deeply grateful.


LOOK! Aren't these the most gorgeous Post-Its you've ever seen?!? I spied them in the midst of some frenzied Christmas shopping today and squeeeed (literally and embarrassingly!). Do you think a Post-It designer is also a teacher-blogger incognito???

Here's the other (please ignore the shadow, I was so excited to share them with you!):

Starry Trees Doodle Frame {printable} & a GIVEAWAY!

I wanted to say thank you so much for all of the sweet words about the tree graphics I posted yesterday--your words really made my day!! I feel so lucky to have such kind bloggy guys have always been so supportive when I have tried something new.

And you are always so understanding when I'm on some kind of new whim--and for that I am very grateful!

A Trio of Trees graphics! {printable}

Happy Friday friends!! I've been dabbling (and I mean dabbling, it's very raw right now) with creating some graphics. I wanted to share a first set and see what you think.

So...introducing...A Trio of Trees! These Christmas trees come in black and white jpg form and hopefully can be used in some worksheets...I don't know...this is very new for me and I know they're not that great but...

If you would like to try them out, I only ask if you could please give credit to Ladybug's Teacher Files.

12 Days of Christmas {12 Giveaways!}

The fabulously funny and oh-so-creative Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade is hosting a giveaway (well, giveaways!) you cannot miss!!

It's the Twelve Days of Christmas, which means twelve days of giveaways and it starts TODAY!! You must check it out!

I am wicked excited to be guest-blogging a giveaway this weekend over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade. I'm very honored to be in such amazing company...check out the other participants--woooo!!!

Be sure to check out the very first one, a giveaway from Farley herself (and it's an awesome one!!).
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