Reasons I know Christmas is near!!

The wonderfully hysterical and creative Reagan from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits and the fabulous Amanda from One Extra Degree have both shared their top ten reasons they know Christmas is near.

Besides the fact that both of these blogs are an absolute MUST FOLLOW because of their creativity and knowledge, these girls are just too funny!! You must stop by and see them both if you haven't already.

I don't quite have a top ten because, well, I am just too tapped to be creative lately so I will just share a bit of my experiences thus far.

Wait. There is something you must know before reading might change your whole viewpoint when reading it.

We are in school until Friday.

The 23rd.

Aaaaaa!!!! Ok, here it goes...

Reasons I know Christmas is near:

You are now giving a report every two hours to provide a countdown of:
A. How many days 'til vacation
B. How many days of vacation

You have a set speech that takes place each day, about maintaining control and decorum even though everyone is very, very excited about the holiday. This speech is very powerful and stirring. It truly is one of the best of your teaching career. This speech has little effect, if any.

The energy level in the building is so palpable, you can literally feel it. It's not a good feeling.

Recess and lunch duties have taken on new meaning. They are no longer mere duties, they are a matter of survival. Each and every second you wait for the classroom teacher to pick up his/her class is pure and utter agony.

You pick up your class from the cafeteria after lunch and each female student is sporting an elaborate hairpiece, constructed entirely of napkins and straws. And you thought you were lucky you didn't have lunch duty that day!

Well, joking aside, I am hoping to try out some of the lovely things I have read on your blogs this week. It will go quickly, right?? Please reassure me!

Who's out on vacation already? If not, when are you out
? Please, SOMEONE, tell me you are in until Friday with me, so we can support one another!!


  1. I am in school until Thursday! We might as well go on Friday and make it a full week! I am feeling your pain, because it seems like everyone else is already enjoying the good life on vacation!

  2. We go until Thursday too - hubby goes until Friday. The kicker? I still go back on the 3rd {at least hubby doesn't have to go back until the 9th)...when do you go back?

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  3. I made it official Kristen! Please link up and BTW HILAROUS!!!!!!! survivor recess OMG...powerful speeches. I am dying.

  4. Hey Kelley, yup, you are definitely in the same boat!

    Holly, we go back the 3rd too!!! It's like a record short vacation with Christmas falling on the weekend this year.

    Regan, YAY! I am linking up!

  5. I'm in school until Thursday. This week is going to drag and I'm with you on your first reason. We have to count on the calendar every day even though I have a tree on the door that lists the number of days until Christmas. Hopefully, this week flies by so our vacation and go ahead and start.

    Swimming into Second

  6. I'm in school until Friday too! And I'll be back on 3rd as well. :( And I agree with the energy thing - I swear it's seeping out of my students bodies, no matter how hard they try to control it!

    Sara :)

  7. I'm in school until Wednesday and really feel for you! I thought I had it bad since it seems like everyone got done yesterday. So sorry girl! I've also made that speech to my students every day last week. I'm not sure it's even worth it this week. The good news is, I'm just planning on using all the great ideas I've found on blog and just have a fun, Christmas week! I hope your short break feels really long (but I know it never does!)
    Ed Link - First Grade

  8. I'm in until Friday with our play on Thursday night....ahhhh!

  9. I'm out, I'm out. I'm out!!!!!! And just had 3 jello shots... Winter break, whoop whoopie!!!

  10. Wow Kristen! I thought things were crazy in my little school world, but my students haven't made straws into accessories... yet. We go to school through Wednesday, and I can' t imagine going through Friday. Sending you lots of positive thoughts... :)

  11. I'm in school until Friday as well, but only half day

  12. Very sad for you about being in school till Friday-NOT fair!! We get out Wednesday and I thought that was not soon enough to get ready for family coming. I hope the week flies by quickly for you :)

  13. We go until Wednesday, which is a half day. We will make it! Plus I am one of those crazy teachers who actually enjoys the holiday party! It reminds me of my youth and this year I have a great party mom.
    Wishing you a great week!


  14. I can't believe y'all only get like a week off for Christmas! That is pure craziness... Christmas break is my time to recharge and reconnect with why I love teaching. I hope your break, no matter how little it is, is restful and recharging!!!

    Kindergarten Katy

  15. I guess I should consider myself lucky! Not only are we out already, but we don't have to go back until January 3. I'm excited we go back on Tuesday because normally it's Monday, so I consider Monday a Bonus Day. I can't imagine having to go all week long. What grinches made y'all's Chrismtas Break Calendar?! Good luck this week!

    Living A Wonderful Life

  16. I am babysitting, I mean teaching, until Friday at 3:30. I am not sure how I am going to survive it. Even my good kids were being naughty next week and all my kids seem to be SICK! I have not had a full class since LAST Monday. We will make it. We will make it. We will make it.

  17. I am teaching, until Thursday. The kindergarten and third grade team at our school convinced our principal to let us wear jeans all week. We are also having wear your holiday jewelry tomorrow, headbands and hats on Tuesday, peg our jeans and wear our holiday socks on Wednesday, then we are putting it all together with our tacky sweaters on Thursday. At least we will have fun :)

  18. Please tell me that you at least get extra days off somewhere in the year?! That is the shortest winter vacation ever. I would cry. Or rebel. Or quit. Or scream. One of 'em.

    Hang in there!

  19. You are too funny! We are out and I am sooo thankful!!! I don't know how people do it next was all I could do to keep them off the ceiling, sugar convulsing, pushing eachother, out of the office and my sanity all at the same time....I am still exhausted!!! I just posted a writing idea you might be able to use this week.....also that I am stalking your blog in my Currently link up with Farley:)))) Hang in there friend!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  20. I feel terrible that you have to go until the 23rd. That's just not humane. Do you still get two weeks??? It will be nice for you not to go back on the 2nd, if that's the case. :)
    Cracking me up about the survivial mode and the hair pieces!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  21. We go till Friday, it will be a long week since my class was already bouncing off the walls last week! It is a short break! So hard to get ready when you go right to the 23rd! This week's survival plan is LOTS of fun activities b/c my K's will be hard to contain!
    Happy Holidays everyone!

  22. you crack me up! school till the 23rd?!?!?! what a stink!!! how long is your vacay?!? deep breath! you'll prevail :)

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  23. thanks for the words of support and I'm sorry to those in 'til later this week too!!

    We go back January 3rd, so it's a quick nine days. I plan to enjoy them immensely!! :)

  24. My ELLs and I are in school until Friday, too! I am hoping that with the sing-alongs and the crafts and the Polar-Express-reading, that this week will fly by. :)

  25. I hate to tell you this but I'm FREE! Yay! We had a huge hoopla on Friday that lasted 2 hours with 5 crafts, a cookie decorating station, a reading station, a bingo game, and finally a movie and eating huge amounts of junk. THEN, when the bell rang, everyone left -including my parent volunteers - and left me with a huge mess to clean up. Ah well, it's over! So sorry you're going until the 23rd - that stinks. Lisa


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