October 28, 2011

Line Order Sign {printable}

My students can be wicked funny sometimes. I arrived to pick them up from art the other day and they met me with "Please...can we have a line order???". I had to laugh--we've had very few problems with our line and they are a predominantly 5th grade class, so...

I thought we were good to go.
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October 26, 2011

Reading Conference Notes {printable}

Phew...what a week! Assemblies, parent teacher conferences, Halloween is fast approaching, and possible SNOW tomorrow?! I know you get most of this so I'll stop there!

I just wanted to stop by and share a little form that has been working nicely for me this year (so far!).

During our reading conferences, I use this sheet to record observations and create a goal for my students for next time. It's been just enough space to jot down everything I need within the conference...
{click on the image to download the file}
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October 23, 2011

Create Direct Downloads on Your Blog

Ok, this is seriously awesome! While browsing around a zillion sites last night, I happened upon a new (for me) site on Google. It's a site where you can create your own website for free. Why should we care as bloggers? Well, you can also upload files to that site! AND...you can link those files directly on your blog!! Want to learn more? The video is below...

I would love to hear your thoughts, if it is something you'll be trying on your blog...and how it goes for you if you do try it out. I know I can't wait to link up my next file this way--I might just have to make something right now to try it out again! Take care and happy Sunday! :)
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October 22, 2011

Cursive Alphabet Chart & Alphabet Line

HI!!! I've missed blogland greatly this week! Between our state testing, prepping for upcoming Parent/Teacher Conferences, and everything else--it's been mad! But I always feel better in knowing that I'm not alone :)

I've been working on a couple of things for my students this afternoon. The first is a cursive chart. We've just started working on our cursive writing...
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October 17, 2011

Seed Ideas Poster

Hey guys! This will be a quick share tonight as I am falling asleep on my computer--at only 8:30!

We'll be starting some lessons on "seed ideas" in Writer's Workshop this week, so I made a little visual to display with the anchor charts we'll be creating soon.
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October 15, 2011

Enemy Pie (Friendship) Writing Activities

Our school has just launched its first "Principal's Book of the Month" and it's Enemy Pie, by Derek Munson. If you haven't read it, this book is seriously cute and a wonderful read! My students LOVED it! I loved the message behind it (not going to say more and give anything away, in case you haven't read it before!).

In efforts to build a reading community within our school, everyone will read this book...from Kindergarten all the way to Grade 5. Each class will complete a writing project related to the story. So I made some writing prompts for my students...

...and wanted to share them with you!

Here's a quick overview of some of the printables:

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October 13, 2011

Cheap Document Camera {IPEVO}

Sooo...I posted last winter about my lovely little IPEVO document camera. This is one of the most incredible tools we have in our classroom. And it was only $69.00!! For a document camera!

This evening I wanted to share some photos of how I set it up, how it looks on the whiteboard, and...
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October 11, 2011

Study Island Buttons {digital freebies}

Do you use Study Island with your students? Our school does and the kids love it! My favorite thing to do is to project the questions on the board with the computer and work on them together, highlighting key information!

Last night, I wrote to Study Island, telling them I had made a couple of buttons for my students to use to get to the site, from our class blog.
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October 10, 2011

Digraphs Chart {printable}

Happy Monday (hopefully!). I can say that because we are off for the holiday...is anyone else home today?

I wanted to share a little chart I made to accompany the Consonant Blends one. Everyone left such thoughtful comments about the chart, so I wanted to offer another to say thanks.
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October 9, 2011

Weekly Papers & Lunch Bucket Signs {printable}

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a couple of organizational signs I made this week.

The first sign is for my little file-box-with-a-handle (which I LOVE!). You can see more about my weekly files organization by following the green link. This has worked well for me and I still use this organization this year.
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October 3, 2011

Character, Setting, and Plot Posters

Hey again! I'm back with a couple more story elements posters. These are made to match the Character poster shared last night.

I am hoping to do a lot more in the way of Reader's Workshop visuals as the year goes on. Pat--love the idea for strategy posters and will definitely be considering that in the future!

For now, these are to serve as simple visual reminders to help out my newcomer students who have just joined our class.
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October 2, 2011

Story Elements: Character Poster {printable}

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a little poster I made for my class this weekend.

This past week, we spent a couple of lessons working on characters and character traits in Reader's Workshop. I wanted to make a poster to serve as a visual for my students...I'm hoping to make more like this as we learn new story elements.

I know my current students understand what "character" is, but two new students have just arrived and this is very typical for my class throughout the year so...
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October 1, 2011

Day-At-A-Glance Lesson Plan template

I've had some kind requests to share my lesson plan template...this is the one shown in my All-in-One Teacher Binder post.

I've used this template for the past few years and it has worked really well for me.

It's pretty self-explanatory, but I will tell you a lot of thinking did go into it!!
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