Luna Interactive Camera (Giveaway!)

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm sure you've heard a lot about this lovely camera around the blogs--I know I've read so many wonderful reviews about the Luna Interactive Projection Camera already.

My class has been very fortunate in having the chance to try this piece of technology out. And we have loved it!! (We even call her Luna affectionately--and our class doesn't normally name things!) will need a computer and data projector in order to use this camera. The setup is very easy: just pop the CD in, select the program, plug in the camera, and you are good to go!

We use Luna a TON during our lessons throughout the day. We use the camera to project worksheets, graphic organizers, and student work...

As well as books for read alouds...
And so much more!

As you can see in the photo above, the quality of the camera is very nice. I think it's very comparable to other camera projectors I've used in the past.

Here are some of the very best things about Luna:
  • The camera has a very sturdy base and a strong neck that can be turned to many different angles for the best possible view.
  • It's not a delicate piece of technology that breaks easily. The camera is strong enough that I don't mind my 4th and 5th graders setting it up and "running" the camera during a lesson. 
  • It can take pictures! This is wonderful for any images you would like to save for later on. And, when we take pictures, Luna saves them right to the desktop...making them very easy to find. 
  • It has video!! I've only just begun using this feature, but the possibilities are endless. I plan on working on some math mini-lessons this summer.... :)
The Luna Interactive Projection Camera has a retail value of $199 AND...

Learning Resources is giving away one for free to the winner of a giveaway right here, on Ladybug's Teacher Files!
If you would like to enter for your chance to win this wonderful technology, please choose from the following options below (each option is worth one entry):
  1. Follow Learning Resources on their Facebook.
  2. Follow Learning Resources on their Twitter.
  3. Follow Learning Resources on their YouTube.
And that's it! The giveaway will end on Wednesday, June 13th and the winning name will be announced on Thursday, June 14th. Best of luck to you all!! :)

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