September 22, 2012

Couple of pics, giveaway winners, and a sale

Ok, so I usually try to stick to one topic within a blog post, since my tendency is to wander to eleven different points, even when blogging about a particular topic. BUT, since I am about an eon behind in blogging and catching up with my beloved fellow bloggers, I thought I would share a couple of things at once. I hope you don't mind!

I still haven't officially taken photos of my whole classroom yet. I tried--I swear I did! But it was early in the morning on Thursday and the sun was coming in through the windows like crazy and the pictures just looked all funny. So I have a couple of older pics from the beginning, more to come soon!

(They are mostly showing off my pretty plants, a trick I learned from the incredible Melanie from Schoolgirl Style!). 

I managed to keep all but one alive so far (a new record for me!)...

(I have 17 students right now, in case you were wondering...this mailbox just holds the first 15 students' work).

Ok, to the giveaway! First of all, thank you for the sweetest comments in the world! They brought me such happiness this week! :)  The three winning names drawn were...
I will be emailing the Ready to Number Library Labels right to you ladies tonight!

And, finally, I am joining up with Casey, from Second Grade Math Maniac for her wonderful idea for a fall sale (I adore the fall in New England...the leaves are just starting to change right now!). Thank you for the chance to link up Casey!! :)
All of the items in my TpT store are 20% for this sale (the green link will take you over to see the items).

Thank you for stopping by!! I will be back soon with a file to share and a very focused (well, mostly focused!) blog post :) :)


  1. Your classroom looks incredible! I love it... the colors, borders, shelves, the lamp...all of it! The two of us share the same taste! I can't wait to see the rest! I have used many of your poster sets in my room and receive so many compliments on them! Check out my photos if you have a chance to stop by again.
    17 students would be so ideal! Green with envy!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

    1. Thanks Jeannine!! I will stop by, thanks for letting me know! My 17 are half mainstream, half ELL newcomers, so I'm very grateful for the number because of the differentiation needed--I can't believe some of the numbers out there! :)

  2. your room looks awesome. I guess that's why people love my room since so much of mine came from you. I'd love 17 kids right now. I'm at 23 with 16 direct esol kids. i'm dying. literally about to write a post at some point this weekend titled, i fought the kids and the kids won.

  3. I'm behind too friend!!! I didn't even know you were having a giveaway....I'm a mess and way behind on my reading!!! Sorry:( Your room looks awesome!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. I adore your classroom photos. Black is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors this year, I love your black bulletin boards! :)

    Thanks for linking up!

    Second Grade Math Maniac: Fall Sale!

  5. I'm right there with you on being behind in reading and blogging. When will it slow down? I LOVE the plants in your room...kudos for keeping most of them alive. I'd have killed them all within the first week. Loving your room and can't wait to see more soon :)

  6. Your classroom is picture perfect!! This is the first night in over a month that I have been able to sit down & actually go through my google reader and read blog posts. Hopefully things will wind down soon for all of us! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  7. I can't wait to see more pictures. I LOVE your colors. Too cute

  8. Great pictures !!Thank you for sharing..

  9. I seriously love how clean and crisp your room looks. I just may have to change from the yellow/grey that I went with to the brights. Everything just pops! LOVE!

    Teaching in Room 6

  10. Love your room and blog! I've just discovered you and have enjoyed reading your previous blogs. I was wondering if the Writing Anchor Charts created during the snow of November 2011 are available either through your store (couldn't find them) or link. I too prefer the look of a graphic design over my hand-written ones. Thanks again for sharing your creative teaching skills!

    1. Hi Jane, thank you!! I do have some of those charts in my Teacher's Notebook shop...they are towards the back pages. Thanks again!

  11. Sad I missed your give away:( I LOVE your room and products. I always thought black would make a room look smaller. You've definitely made me rethink my color choices. You're designs are so colorful and cute!
    Diary of a Teachaholic