Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Have you ever thought you blogged about something...only to find you haven't? 

I was so sure I had mentioned my social networking icons but, now that I think about, I realize I forgot! It's been a busy year I guess! :)

So, to make the announcement officially on my blog, I am on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! You can follow Ladybug's Teacher Files at any of them by clicking these icons:
 photo myfacebook.png  photo mytwitter.png  photo mypinterest.png
Or, actually, by clicking any of the green text links above...since that hovering Pinterest button keeps covering these little guys! You will find them in the top of my sidebar too.

Thank you for visiting! I don't think there is anything else I've forgotten to tell you..but I will be back if there is ;)


  1. Ok so now you have to join us on Instagram! I keep hoping you will join any day now. LOL

  2. BTW, how can I get those lovely little icons for my blog too?

  3. I love your facebook header!! I am in need of an update on mine!! And I just got instagram so now I need to get a icon for that too!! So many different social media sites!!

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