Scientific Method Signs

So, it seems it has become a tradition for me to redesign these signs each year. This is the third set I've made and shared here on my blog. And I'm linking them up with my friend Tara for her Monday Made It!
There are nine signs in all, displaying the different steps of the scientific method...

They're a bit bright to look at here, but I promise they print out nicely! I wish I had a picture from my class to show them in action (well, kind of in action, since they really are just sitting there on a bulletin board) but alas I am in the midst of assessments and do not have any photos!

I do have them in a file to share though...please click on the image below for a direct download:
I hope they can be of use. Thanks for stopping by, I hope your week is off to a nice start!


  1. Kristen,
    I love the signs - no need to ever redo again! They're super cute and perfect...

  2. I am working on our Science Fair project this week. These are PERFECT!
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Resourceful Apple

  3. Fabulous! And good timing too....I am in the middle of thinking about this scientific method thing to end the year (not that we haven't been doing it all year....but our science fair projects came back today and, well, we need a refresher....again.)

    Teaching in Room 6

  4. Kristen, these are cute! Thanks for sharing. :)


  5. You know these are great when we don't even GET to do experiments in second grade, but I downloaded them anyway! Thank you for sharing...I love your visual sense!

  6. One of my teacher friends just decided to teach Science next year...I am going to download these and give them as a surprise today! Thanks for sharing. They are so cute!
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  7. Hi Kristen, I love these bright, fun signs! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Science for Kids Blog

  8. These are awesome! I see a new bulletin board in our future!!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  9. They are so pretty. I know they will come in handy some day!


  10. I was asked for a password after I had tried to download the signs. Is that how you designed it, so that they could not be saved?

  11. I love these signs - thanks so much for sharing. They will surely brighten up my science board.

    Learning in the Little Apple

  12. They look great! I always love your signs!


  13. These are fantastic! I love your colorful theme and the way you combine colors. In my opinion, you can never go too bright!

    FlapJack Educational Resources Blog

  14. Oops - somehow clicked delete by mistake!

    Love, love, love these! Now my blank "Science" wall will have some pop and color!


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