Storing Those Plastic Bags

 Hello everyone! I'm linking up with Tara for the brightest part of any Monday:
I tried to keep my Monday Made It simple because we're in our final nine days of school and things are getting busy! 

So this is a quick and easy storage fix I learned all about from my kind friend Diane over at Fifth in the Middle. You can see her post about Grocery Bag Containers by clicking the green link, hers came out beautifully!
Fifth in the Middle

Diane showed us how she converted a canister of wipes into a handy storage container for those oh-so-helpful plastic bags you might have floating around the classroom:

2015 UPDATE: Plastic bags come in handy when my students need to carry something extra home, when someone moves to a new school, when projects are being carried onto the bus...the list goes on and on! I've now used this container for years and it has been so helpful to have the plastic bags handy.

I just printed the label (you can find it at the end of this post), laminated it, and hot glued it to the container. Then I removed those extra flaps on the inside (so the bags could slide out a bit easier) and voila!

I love how the container takes up very little space and I don't have to look at my ugly grocery bags anymore! Now they are all tucked away, ready for use at any moment. Thanks Diane!!

I have the label all set to download here, in case you would like to use it as well. Please click on the image below for a direct download:

And please be sure to check out all the fantastic creations below:


  1. super cute! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love it! Thanks for the shout out :)

    Fifth in the Middle

  3. I love this! Yes, it is simple but so classy as always with you:) Love it and appreciate you linking up while you're still in school:) Thanks girl!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. You totally showed me up, I made one and didn't put any kind of label on it! lol Very Cute!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  5. Now that is super!!!!!!!! :)

  6. That is super cute and useful! I love when you make something useful since you are so good about sharing that I get something cute and useful too! Thanks for the label!

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  7. I was just thinking I needed to organize my bags...instead I threw them all away! This will be perfect for next year. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Two Friends In First

  8. How smart! Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Such a great idea!! Currently my plastic bags are shoved in a space with my paper cutter... not ideal and it temps me to just throw them away so I don't have to deal with them, which I don't want to do!! This is such a perfect solution and I can't wait to make this asap!!! And since we are still in school I know I'll have a few more of those containers getting emptied out before our last day! :)

    Lessons with Laughter

  10. Wow! Cute and practical! Thanks for sharing!

    WILD About First Grade!

  11. I knew this would be awesome!!! Thanks for sharing it, too!!
    Fun in Room 4B

  12. I am so doing this for next year!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea.

    The Busy Busy Hive

  13. This is a great idea! Right now I have all of my plastic bags shoved in an old tissue box which works, but is nowhere near as cute!


    Sweet Little Things

  14. Great idea! I love the label. Thanks Kristen! Hope your last days go by fast!

    Swimming into Second

  15. Super cute! Now I can't wait for my wipes to run out! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac

  16. Everything you make is so cute!!

    Kindergarten Smiles

  17. I love when you make labels or posters or anything for that matter. They always look so perfect. I need to learn from this- sometimes simple is better. Ok, ok, simple is always better.

    I hope that you have a good 7 days (?) left! Summer is around the corner!
    Collaboration Cuties

  18. This is great!! I ALWAYS find my kiddos needing a bag to carry SOMETHING home in, but I never have any at school! Thanks for the super cute label!

    Erb Rhymes with Verb

  19. Love this! Thanks for all of your inspiring ideas! You have inspired me to get going on my own blog and linky party! Please come see me!

    The Teacher Chick

  20. Awesome! I've been saving up my containers for ideas such as these, but haven't gotten around to it...this label totally motivates me! LOVE!

  21. Only you could make plastic bag storage cute! :)

    Thank you!


  22. Thank you! Excited to organize the plastic bags in the classroom!!


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