My New (no wait, old!) Color Scheme!, what day is it? Ah, the bliss of summer vacation...I wasn't sure at first!

So, do you want to talk color schemes? 

I've been thinking a lot about mine for next year...since late winter, in fact!

You see I absolutely loved it this year (you can see some old pictures here). It was bright and happy, my 5th graders liked it (those colors are very in with kids...have you seen those bright clothes they wear??), it made me smile every day (I'm not joking, I'm weird about ambiance like that!) I thought, why change?

But, I should know myself better by now. Even if I say I'm not going to change something, I always end up switching it up a bit in some way. I just can't help it!

So, I've been working for awhile now on some new signs. Same color scheme, a bit rearranged. Actually, a bit more adhered to my old color scheme...
Flipped Signs with the same five bright colors, all throughout the room!

The oval shape was inspired by my old student number labels from last summer...
and a bit by the plastic bags project I made in June...
And these Oval-Shaped Leveled Library Labels are the first in the series! You can read more about them by clicking the image below...
And for those of you who are working on a similar color scheme, I would love to give a few sets of the Leveled Library Labels right now! 

If interested, please leave a comment with your email below. I will take the first three to comment below...

What color scheme are you planning to use this year? Thanks so much for visiting!

PS! If you'd like to find out about quick chances for freebies like this, please visit my Facebook page where you will get a heads up! :)

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  1. I am planning my black and white theme, again. I love this new oval labels!!

  2. Brights (red, yellow, green) with a touch of black. Figure those colors will let me do a lot.

    Love your are so clever! (And I have a hard time leaving anything exactly the same, too!)

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  3. I'm doing rainbow colors. These are so cute!


    1. BTW, I made a bunch of the bag containers with your design ;)

  4. That's three, thank you ladies! I'm sending the file right now :)

  5. I'm doing the bright colors too! I love them because they're like a pick me up in the classroom! Your labels are always great! I have always tried to find the clipart you use for your things because that's adorable too and I know my students would love that on their classwork but can never find them :-( (Sometimes I feel like I am website searching illiterate because I even went to the place you said you found the clipart lol)

  6. These are beautiful!! You are so super talented and I can't wait to use these in my room!!

  7. I know what you mean, it's hard to keep a room exactly the same, even when you love it the way it is! I love where you are going with these new signs though!

    Live Laugh & Learn in Second Grade

  8. I love these, Kristen! They match beautifully with everything that you have created lately. (Well, this last year.) I'm sure if someone sees them they will be able to say, "Hey, those are from Ladybug's Teacher Files, aren't they?" because they are so unique! Beautiful job as always!


    Fun in Room 4B

  9. I am using black,bright turquoise,and bright purple in my room this year :)


    The Aspiring Teacher

  10. As always, another beautiful creation! I agree with Justina's comment, too. I love the clipart you use, and sometimes when I try to find it, I can't seem to locate everything. But, I guess that's part of what makes it so unique! :)

  11. Just you print all of these items you use at home? Do you have a regular inkjet printer or a laser??
    Teaching in Paradise

  12. You crack me up! :)
    I love the colors you use and agree that they are quite popular!
    I'm glad you stuck with them because they made you so happy last year.
    Changing up the style though was a great idea! :)
    I miss the classroom when it comes to decorating.
    I was going to decorate my office last year with blues and greens similar to yours but maybe a bit deeper.
    My office turned out to be more of a book room though. lol

  13. Oh my goodness!! Everything you do amazes me! ME ME ME ME...did you hear that subliminal message?!? :)
    I would love these!

  14. Oh duh...just saw that it was the first three...I may need an eye doctor. sorry about that but I am grabbing those signs anyway!
    Love ya!!!

  15. These are adorable! I had just bought this pack (with circles) in May I think...And I have the alphabet...are you changing the alphabet too? I may wait before I print those to see if you change it and if I want that one instead. :O)

    Your products are always so crisp and clean looking but colorful and fun...I'm still aspiring to create things like you...who am I kidding...I'll just buy yours! :O)

    Collaboration Cuties

  16. You have such a great eye, my dear. If I were planning on renovating my color scheme, I would so go in this direction. I THINK I'm sticking with aqua/lime, and your cursive alphabet is going to look amazing in my room.

  17. I am seriously considering going with an entire Ladybug decor room this year. You know how much I love the way your design aesthetic looks. Personally, I will go with the black background and the white signs. I like how you always have the picture coming off the way it does. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous.

    Teaching in Room 6

  18. I love these! My color scheme this year is black, turquoise, and lime green. I cannot wait for the school year to start back.

  19. These really catch the eye! The black background is unique.

    As an ESOL teacher I've never had a full-time room. I've sort of tried to stick with apples, but this year I'm working with secondary students full time so I get to decorate a classroom- yay! I'm doing blue and yellow, our school colors, with an international/world flags theme.

  20. Kristen are these label in your store? I can't find them and want to use them Monday. Thanks,


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