Color-Coding Google Docs Folders

I swear, I have always loved color-coding. But this year?

I have gotten totally carried away with it!

I have all of my subjects sorted by color...from the signs, to the labels, to my students' notebooks, and yes...the madness even stretches to my Google Docs for school.

My district signed us all up for district Google accounts this year and it has been wonderful...but a little hard to organize first.

That is, until our lovely Health teacher told me about color-coding the folders! (thank you--even if you don't ever read this!!)

So here's how you color-code the case you didn't know (like I didn't, until semi-recently).

Click on the Create button and choose a New Folder:
Select the sad, gray little folder:
Then click Change Color from the More menu:
And that's it!

And, because I'm completely type-A (but you knew this long ago!) I had to number my folders when naming them, so they would be in order of my schedule for the day. :)

It's a little thing, but it really helps when you are on the fly during the school day and need to find things fast! I hope this helps, if you didn't know it already!!

Will be back tomorrow to share some new, reusable anchor charts my students and I are using this year...wait 'til you see how UN-type-A I had to be about these charts!! :/

Do you use Google Docs for your classroom documents?


  1. Thanks, I just got done trying it out. Your directions were very easy to follow.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. Thank you! I am a color coding addict as well. The directions are perfect!

    Fit to be Fourth

  3. Wow! I never knew this! I'm going to get started color coding now. :)

    Turtley Loving Teaching

  4. I am in L-O-V-E with Google Docs! My students have netbooks and they each have a Google account set up so I can share documents with them as well!

  5. Kristen, I LOVE this! I'm as type A as you are. I'm still waiting for your day signs you did a few weeks ago.
    If you have the whole week off this week, enjoy it, it is so well deserved!

    1. Hey Sydney!! I'm so sorry, I totally spaced those! Will share asap :)

  6. We do! Thanks for sharing! We are fortunate enough to have 1:1 ipads this year in Third Grade and I'm having my students type their writing and share it in google drive. They've each created a folder to share with me which I thought would be great until I had a bunch of gray folders everywhere! Thanks to your tip now I can organize my writing groups by color! Thank you!!

  7. Ohhh, thanks for sharing...everything is now color coded.

    First Grade Lyons' Den

  8. WHAT!?!?! You just blew my mind!!!

  9. PERFECT!! All of my students have google email accounts and we send them assignments through these at times, especially if it is for a blog posting, TweenTribune comment, etc. Now I can number and color code their personal folders where I store their digital work! Thank you so much for sharing! Love this and will use today!!!!


  10. Thank you SO much for the tip! I love how it even color-codes the documents that it links to other folders. I taught another fellow teacher and she thought it was awesome too :)

  11. I gave this to my instructional coach who loves color coding and is also a "type A" personality. I am hoping we can all start using google docs after this!

  12. Yes I use Google Docs. We went in, resistant at first, but they work fine and I feel more confident that everything is saved on something other than the school server. I still need to figure out how to do labels. Any ideas?
    Also I noticed an icon for Simplebooklet. Where did that come from online?
    Thanks so much. Carolyn

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