quickly insert and line up images in Powerpoint

Hello! I'm back to share another little tip that has helped me a great deal when designing in Powerpoint.

Actually, it's several little tips that really save a LOT of time. I'm sure there are many who know this, but I'm hoping it will be of help to those just starting out in Powerpoint :)

The image replacing trick (that you will see below) is one I learned from my sister, Melissa, over at Fashion Craze, Learning Days. It is SO great that I still talk about it all the time (right, Melissa??).

These little tricks will not only help to place images in a file very quickly, they will also help you keep your file neat and consistent throughout.

So. Say you are ready to place a series of images and/or clipart in a Powerpoint file. Normally, to insert a picture, you must go to Insert, choose Picture, and insert an image for each image you need:

(you can also choose the Insert Picture tool button if you have it displayed in your menu bar):

This is pretty easy, but can be really time-consuming if you are working with many images in your file.

That's what makes these next steps so great!

First, insert an image or piece of clipart as you normally would:

Then, select the image and copy it (either from the Edit menu above or Command+C if you are on a Mac):

Drag this copied image just below the original one (you should be able to see the blue gridlines to help you line it up):

Now you have two images lined up perfectly:

But perhaps you need several pages of these signs...now you just have to do a copy and paste. Go to Select All (or Command+A on a Mac) to select both images:

Copy and paste these duplicates on as many slides as you will need for your various images:

Now for the fun part! Go to the first duplicate and switch it with a second image by selecting it and choosing Replace (as shown in the Formatting Palette below, on the right side of the screen):

Once you click on the Replace button, you will be able to choose any image you have and it will switch the picture to that exact location:

Then, you can continue going through the file, replacing all images until you have everything you need:
This allows all images to be lined up in exactly the same format, for consistency and neatness throughout the file! Plus it's wicked fast!! (Sorry, I was so excited my New Englandness slipped out!)

But wait, there's more! 

If you'd like to have LOTS of slides set up with the same image formatting, you can follow this time-saving step as well...

Once you've begun setting up the first couple of slides, go over to the slide menu bar (on the left-hand side of your Powerpoint file). Select all of the slides in this menu bar (either using Select All or Command+A as mentioned before):

Staying in that left-hand menu bar, hit Paste (Command+V on a Mac) to instantly set up identical slides:

You can continue doing this until you have all the pages you will need (I have up to eight pages now, as shown below, and it only took a couple of seconds):

Now, you can go back and do that oh-so-cool image replacing trick to put all the images you would like in your file.

It seems like a lot of steps at first, but it becomes very fluid and easy to set up your file once you get used to it.

Ok, I really hope that was helpful to some of you out there! I would love to hear how it goes, if you happen to try it out.

Do you have Powerpoint image-placing tips to share with us?

P.S. Those updated CRAFT signs you see in this tutorial will be shared here very soon...  :)

organizing fonts on your Mac

Hello dear friends!! I hope you have been having a very happy 2014 so far! 

I'm sure many of you know how to organize your fonts on your Mac but, just in case, I wanted to share this very easy technique.

Because, if you're anything like me, you have quite the font collection. Like at least a zillion, right? And that means you might find yourself scrolling endlessly through a list to get just the font I'm looking for. 

Well, on a Mac, there is a quick way to sort these fonts into folders!

Just head into your Applications and find Font Book:

Once you open Font Book, you will see a list of all your fonts, along with some folders that are already there (like Fixed Width and Traditional on mine):

To create a customized folder, click on the + sign at the bottom, left-hand part of the Font Book:

Then just type the name you would like for the folder:

(favorite fonts is my newest category, since I go through those phases where I use the same group of fonts for awhile)

Then, you can click and drag any font from the font list to your new folder:

The font can even be stored in multiple folders. For instance, I have this particular font stored in my Favorite Fonts folders, as well as in the KG Fonts folder where I keep all of my Kimberly Geswein fonts (❤):

Now when I design in Powerpoint, I can go to Font Collections, select the folder I need, and jump to that font quickly:

And that's that! I hope this was of help if you didn't know about this before...I would love to hear how it works out if you are organizing your fonts for the first time! 

I have 468 fonts right now, and that's after cleaning out of ton of old ones! How many fonts do you have? :)
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