quickly insert and line up images in Powerpoint

Hello! I'm back to share another little tip that has helped me a great deal when designing in Powerpoint.

Actually, it's several little tips that really save a LOT of time. I'm sure there are many who know this, but I'm hoping it will be of help to those just starting out in Powerpoint :)

The image replacing trick (that you will see below) is one I learned from my sister, Melissa, over at Fashion Craze, Learning Days. It is SO great that I still talk about it all the time (right, Melissa??).

These little tricks will not only help to place images in a file very quickly, they will also help you keep your file neat and consistent throughout.

So. Say you are ready to place a series of images and/or clipart in a Powerpoint file. Normally, to insert a picture, you must go to Insert, choose Picture, and insert an image for each image you need:

(you can also choose the Insert Picture tool button if you have it displayed in your menu bar):

This is pretty easy, but can be really time-consuming if you are working with many images in your file.

That's what makes these next steps so great!

First, insert an image or piece of clipart as you normally would:

Then, select the image and copy it (either from the Edit menu above or Command+C if you are on a Mac):

Drag this copied image just below the original one (you should be able to see the blue gridlines to help you line it up):

Now you have two images lined up perfectly:

But perhaps you need several pages of these signs...now you just have to do a copy and paste. Go to Select All (or Command+A on a Mac) to select both images:

Copy and paste these duplicates on as many slides as you will need for your various images:

Now for the fun part! Go to the first duplicate and switch it with a second image by selecting it and choosing Replace (as shown in the Formatting Palette below, on the right side of the screen):

Once you click on the Replace button, you will be able to choose any image you have and it will switch the picture to that exact location:

Then, you can continue going through the file, replacing all images until you have everything you need:
This allows all images to be lined up in exactly the same format, for consistency and neatness throughout the file! Plus it's wicked fast!! (Sorry, I was so excited my New Englandness slipped out!)

But wait, there's more! 

If you'd like to have LOTS of slides set up with the same image formatting, you can follow this time-saving step as well...

Once you've begun setting up the first couple of slides, go over to the slide menu bar (on the left-hand side of your Powerpoint file). Select all of the slides in this menu bar (either using Select All or Command+A as mentioned before):

Staying in that left-hand menu bar, hit Paste (Command+V on a Mac) to instantly set up identical slides:

You can continue doing this until you have all the pages you will need (I have up to eight pages now, as shown below, and it only took a couple of seconds):

Now, you can go back and do that oh-so-cool image replacing trick to put all the images you would like in your file.

It seems like a lot of steps at first, but it becomes very fluid and easy to set up your file once you get used to it.

Ok, I really hope that was helpful to some of you out there! I would love to hear how it goes, if you happen to try it out.

Do you have Powerpoint image-placing tips to share with us?

P.S. Those updated CRAFT signs you see in this tutorial will be shared here very soon...  :)


  1. When I was using a PC, I was able to select multiple pictures at once and "replace" them with another picture (all the same one). Are you only replacing one picture at a time? (I only see one selected in your screenshots.) Now that I have the mac, I can't figure out how to replace a whole bunch of pictures at once!

    Literacy Spark

    1. Hi Jessica, I am replacing one at a time. I'm not sure how to do that in a Mac or if you can...that would be great, wouldn't it? I will let you know if I find out :)

    2. Yes! When I choose more than one on the Mac and then choose change picture, it deselects them...but on a PC it allows you to replace all of those selected with one chosen picture. Oh well! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the tips:) Don't know what I would do without your techie knowledge:) You have helped me through a ton of things:) Happy Monday!!! Your new posters look fab!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. Thanks Tara, I don't know what I'd do without your friendship!!! :) :)

  3. This will save me soooo much time! I am working on a file right now that needs lots of images to be replaced, I was becoming really unmotivated, but now I am going to get right on it and finish it today!! Thanks so much, love your tutorials.

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

    1. Oh Tania, I am so happy to read this! I hope it makes it less unmotivating ( I definitely know that feeling!). Have a wonderful week!

  4. That is a great trick! One thing I would add, in case you have them all formatted and then decide to change the size, Ctrl G to group, then move them all at the same time rather than just one at a time. That saves time and patience!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

    1. oooo, yes I love grouping Maria, you are so right! Thank you very much for sharing this!! :) :)

  5. Another great tip, BloggyPal! I still think of you every time I start a new slide and click "select all" to remove the "place holders" ... which means I'm sending you happy thoughts all the time!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  6. One time saving tip that I like to use for duplicating slides in PowerPoint: Go to New Slide and click the down arrow. Below the theme slides you should click "Duplicate Selected Slides". If you have an image (or grouped images) that needs duplicating: right click then duplicate or "Control D" with mac.

  7. Hi again, totally unrelated to this post, but I am wondering from where do you get your cool colors?

  8. Thanks - I am brand new to Powerpoint! Maria

  9. Hey Kristen!
    I love that your posts come to my email because I read this one this morning in line at Starbucks!! :O) You know I always love your tech tips! (And thanks Melissa!!) I'm going to have to try this. I can't imagine in my brain how it will work for clipart, but I'm interested to try. It's crazy how many little tricks there are! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge! You have made my life so much easier with all of your powerpoint tips and lessons! I can't thank you enough!
    Have a great week! I hope you are staying warm! We're in the 30s in Georgia. I'm not sure how you New Englanders handle the cold...I think I'm a wimp!! ;O)
    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Hey! It's me again! So, I just tried this tip! Actually, I had a piece of clipart on a sheet and I went to go get a different guy (named George Washington) to replace my other soldier. I copied and pasted it in, like I usually did and it took up the whole page. Which meant I needed to resize it. I was like, ugh, but then, this tutorial popped in my head and I thought it couldn't hurt to try. So I did. I went to my soldier, right clicked, hit change image, picked Washington and you know what??? It worked! George inserted the same size that my other guy was! Yay! So, again, I thank you! I know I always write a book on here...sorry!!! But I just thought I'd let you know! And, to go with my other comment, I'm working while "iced" in during Snowmageddon in Atlanta. :O)
      Have a great rest of your week!! :O)

  10. Thank you for this great tip! I plan on trying it out...love a time saver . :). Keep them coming.

  11. I do this all the time. I like to have everything laid out the way I want and then worry about adding in the right images or text boxes. Definitely a tip worth sharing!

  12. Brilliant you both are! Long time... miss you. :)

  13. I just have to keep coming back to stare at these CRAFT headers. I told you how much I love you, right???

  14. Hi Kristen, I hope you or one of your readers can help me. I am wanting my powerpoint file to go all the way to the edges when I print them up. In powerpoint the file looks like it is all the way to the edge but when I look at them in print preview there is a white border. I really want to be able to use the whole page and not lose any space. Do you know what I need to do? Please email me at iwillitryican@gmail.com if you have the answer. Thanks so much.

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  16. How do you get the clipart to hang off the shape and disappear? How do I make a full piece of notebook paper look like the notebook paper in your clipart where its partially missing ? Anyone? I need help!!!


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