Thanksgiving Morphology Resources to Share

Happy-almost-Thanksgiving everyone!! We are in school for a few more days and I've been working on a couple of resources to keep my class following the usual routine, while celebrating the upcoming holiday a bit.

And I'd love to share these new a small token of my thanks and appreciation for you!

First up, I have some special spelling lists planned for the week. These spelling lists focus on four to six different affixes and roots that all have a Thanksgiving tie-in. These differentiated, editable lists can be found in my store...just click on the image below to download:

I also made a little graphic organizer to help students examine one of these Thanksgiving-themed words in depth:

There are places to fill out the usual components...the word, definition, part of speech, a sentence:

There is also a part for students to tie the morphology to the meaning of the word:

As well as a place to create an illustration and make a holiday connection:
(Perhaps I should have warned you first, I am not the best artist!! 
My 5th graders are always kind to me about it though!)

If you would like to grab this graphic organizer, please click on the image below:

I hope some of you might be able to use these resources!
Unless you are already on your break...which leads me to my big question:

Are you in school this week? Or has your Thanksgiving break already begun?


  1. I love this Kristen! I bet the kids are going to learn so much, while still having a great few days before Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing with us :)

    Teaching in Room 6

  2. This is THE PERFECT spelling unit for this week! I am using your regular morphology unit this year with both my fifth and sixth grade language arts classes. LOVE it! I am seeing real growth in both vocabulary development and spelling accuracy. THANKS!



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