Editable Holiday Coupons for Student Gifts

Ladybug's Teacher Files: editable holiday coupons for student gifts
Happy Holidays my dear readers! I hope you are already at home enjoying the beginning days of your vacation.

BUT, just in case you are still in school, I am sharing a little student gift I made for my class this week (we are in school on Monday and for a half day on Tuesday).

These editable coupons are designed for the new year and can serve as a nice Christmas gift for your class to use in January...or as a Happy New Year gift to surprise your students when they return in 2015!

These coupons are arranged in a Powerpoint slide. Simply click on each text box and type in the prize of your choice, as well as the expiration date:
Ladybug's Teacher Files: editable holiday coupons for student gifts

As an added bonus, these coupons require no cutting. I just ask my students to store them in their number drawers. As each coupon is used, we just cross it off the sheet.

Please click on the image below to download this file for your class:

If you like these coupons, you'll also love this Valentine's set...click on the preview to hop to that post and download—then you'll already be ahead for 2015 ;)
I hope you can use these files, thanks so much for reading!

Are you still in school this week? When is your last day?

Creating Default Templates in Powerpoint

Creating Default Templates in PowerPoint
 Oh Powerpoint, how do I love thee?

Well, if we're being honest, in many ways...but there are a few I could really do without.

Like those two textboxes that come up every time I make a new printable:

And this default font I NEVER use:

Oh and those horribly-colored tables...
what is with all the different font colors in one table anyhow??
But, like any faithful teacher-creator, I remain loyal to my true love.

And patiently delete textboxes. 
And reformat tables. 
Again and again.

But I couldn't help dreaming...

And it is! Because I have FINALLY learned how to create my own default templates!!!

Would you like to try it out? Just follow the steps below...

  1. Start a new presentation. Select those two textboxes and delete them:

  2. Create a new text box and type anything:

  3. Choose your favorite go-to font (mine's Century Gothic). Then right-click on the text box and choose Set as Default Text Box:

  4. Delete the textbox so you have a blank slide:
    You could save the template now and you'd have the font/fonts you'd like all set to go. But if you like to use tables as well, see the next steps:

  5. Insert a table...I just choose a couple of rows and columns to format, you can always add more in the future and your formatting will already be done for you:

  6. Select the table:

  7. Reformat the colors in the way you would like them to appear in the printable:

  8. Select the table and choose the font, font size, and text orientation you want:

  9. Keep the table selected and click on the bold button twice (otherwise parts of your text may show up in bold because of the default formatting):

  10. Type in each cell, to be sure the font appears the way you would like:

  11. Then delete all the cells. I just placed my table near the bottom of the template. I use tables a ton, but if I don't need it, I will just delete it:

  12. Now to save your new default template. Go to Save As:

  13. Name your template and save it as a .pot file:

  14. Now you can open this template and it will be all set with your fonts and layout:

  15. Once you are finished designing in this template, choose Save As (so  you can rename it and preserve the original template):
And that's it!

I seriously could not be more excited about this! And the possibilities are really endless...you can set up a series of templates for all of the printables you make.

I really hope this was of some help to you! If you'd like to learn more about designing printables with Powerpoint, please see this previous tutorial:
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