Creating Default Templates in Powerpoint

Creating Default Templates in PowerPoint
 Oh Powerpoint, how do I love thee?

Well, if we're being honest, in many ways...but there are a few I could really do without.

Like those two textboxes that come up every time I make a new printable:

And this default font I NEVER use:

Oh and those horribly-colored tables...
what is with all the different font colors in one table anyhow??
But, like any faithful teacher-creator, I remain loyal to my true love.

And patiently delete textboxes. 
And reformat tables. 
Again and again.

But I couldn't help dreaming...

And it is! Because I have FINALLY learned how to create my own default templates!!!

Would you like to try it out? Just follow the steps below...

  1. Start a new presentation. Select those two textboxes and delete them:

  2. Create a new text box and type anything:

  3. Choose your favorite go-to font (mine's Century Gothic). Then right-click on the text box and choose Set as Default Text Box:

  4. Delete the textbox so you have a blank slide:
    You could save the template now and you'd have the font/fonts you'd like all set to go. But if you like to use tables as well, see the next steps:

  5. Insert a table...I just choose a couple of rows and columns to format, you can always add more in the future and your formatting will already be done for you:

  6. Select the table:

  7. Reformat the colors in the way you would like them to appear in the printable:

  8. Select the table and choose the font, font size, and text orientation you want:

  9. Keep the table selected and click on the bold button twice (otherwise parts of your text may show up in bold because of the default formatting):

  10. Type in each cell, to be sure the font appears the way you would like:

  11. Then delete all the cells. I just placed my table near the bottom of the template. I use tables a ton, but if I don't need it, I will just delete it:

  12. Now to save your new default template. Go to Save As:

  13. Name your template and save it as a .pot file:

  14. Now you can open this template and it will be all set with your fonts and layout:

  15. Once you are finished designing in this template, choose Save As (so  you can rename it and preserve the original template):
And that's it!

I seriously could not be more excited about this! And the possibilities are really can set up a series of templates for all of the printables you make.

I really hope this was of some help to you! If you'd like to learn more about designing printables with Powerpoint, please see this previous tutorial:

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