Creating Interactive Charts with Google Docs

Each year I've been working to go a bit more paperless in my classroom. Most recently, I've started building interactive charts for our word study (we use Jen Bengel's Interactive Spelling Curriculum and we LOVE it). Initially, I was keeping our words on large chart paper each week, but it was hard for all of my fourth graders to see the charts when they were building them in their spelling notebooks.

Luckily, it is very easy to make clean, eye-catching charts in Google Docs. These charts can then be projected for the whole class to see (we are fortunate to have a classroom TV for this purpose...more to come on this soon).

 Would you like to try? Please see the steps below...


Using PowerPoint Tables for Math Printables

I love making printables for my students in math...but setting up number lines and fractions? Not so much. It can be SO time-consuming to line up all those little textboxes. Since a great deal of our school year involves number lines and fractions, I wanted to find a way to set them up more quickly. 

So I turned to tables! 

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