A Google Drive To-Do List

Happy New Year everyone!!! In the spirit of organization, I am sharing a little interactive tool I hope you will be able to use for your planning. 

We are heading back to school on Tuesday and I wanted to be sure I had everything prepped to get back into the swing of things...and in a digital format I could store in my Google Drive. 

So this to-do list is available as a Google slide and features a table you can type right into:

 You can create a bulleted list of items (and delete as they are completed to use the list again):

The headings for each list can also be altered if need be...just highlight and type right over each:

And that's it! A simple, but hopefully helpful tool! I will be using mine as I get myself organized later today...

Please click here if you'd like to make a copy of this list for your Google drive.

Looking for more classroom organization, Google-style? Lessons at a Glance has been a HUGE help in sharing all of the important lesson information with my students, all in one place:

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