A Google Drive To-Do List

Tips on using a Google Drive to-do list.
Happy New Year everyone!! In the spirit of organization, I am sharing a little interactive tool I hope you will be able to use for your planning. 

We are heading back to school this week and I wanted to be sure I had everything prepped to get back into the swing of things...and in a digital format I could store in my Google Drive. 

So this to-do list is available as a Google slide and features a table you can type right into:
Google Drive to-do list with colorful icons that can be typed right into.

 You can create a bulleted list of items (and delete as they are completed to use the list again):
Create a digital to-do list that can be reused each week.

The headings for each list can also be altered if need be...just highlight and type right over each:
Edit the Google Drive to-do list to customize to your needs.
Edit the digital to-do list to customize to your needs.
And that's it! A simple, but hopefully helpful tool! I will be using mine as I get myself organized later today...

Please click here if you'd like to make a copy of this list for your Google drive.

Would you like to use Google to organize your classroom but aren't sure where to get started? Lessons at a Glance has been so helpful in keeping my students (and myself!) organized and ready this past school year...and I can't wait to use it again this year! Please click the images below to see more about this resource...
Use Google Slides to organize your lessons and keep students in the know.


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