Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you design your printables?
A: I design most of my printables using Powerpoint, then save them as a PDF. I have a video tutorial with some tips on designing with Powerpoint here: Designing Printables with Powerpoint.

Q: Where do you find your clipart?
A: I like to use a lot of the same clipart, to keep consistency in my classroom design. One of my favorite clipart designers is Maree Truelove. I have been using her clipart for my 2012 classroom decor. Maree's designs are colorful and eye-catching--be sure to check out her blog: Maree Truelove: Clipart, Illustration, and Design.

I have also been a longtime fan of Thistlegirl Designs. I am a member of the site and it is well worth it--Ashley releases a new free set each month for her members! I also have a reseller's license with Thistlegirl Designs, which allows me to sell files and share free ones here on the blog.

Some other fabulous, teacher-friendly clipart designers include The Digital Bake Shop, MelonHeadz Illustrating, and KPM Doodles. These extremely talented women have wonderful terms of use for teachers and adorable clipart.

Q: Where do you find your borders?
A: I love borders, as many of us do! I most often use borders from Miss Tiina and from Fancy Dog Studio--they are just lovely! Be sure to check out their terms of use, to make sure you are all set in how you are using the borders. :)

Q: Where do you find your fonts?
A: The fonts can be a bit of a problem--as in I have too many!!! Like many of us, I use a lot of free fonts from Kevin and Amanda. I also love using fonts from Sweet Shoppe Designs...they are very inexpensive and unique. More about those fonts below...

Q: Where did you get the font in the "Ladybug" part of your blog title?
A: The name of this font is Scruffy Angel, by Sweet Shoppe Designs.

Q: Where did you get the font used in many of your signs (such as the 2012 Specials Signs)?
A: This is one of my absolute faves!! It is Coffee Shoppe Espresso by Sweet Shoppe Designs.
Q: I can't access a file, can you email it to me?
A: Unfortunately, I cannot keep up with these kind of email requests...though I wish I had the time to do so! 
Of course I want you to access the free files with ease, so hopefully the following two questions will be of help in this area...
Q: Help! I can't download your files--what should I do?
A: I have been slowly converting all free files over to direct downloads, that should pop up right here for you on my blog. You will need a free Google Docs account to access some of the files I haven't converted over yet.

I've noticed that servers like Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari tend to have more success in opening these documents as well, rather than Internet Explorer.

Q: I downloaded a file, but it isn't showing up correctly. What can I do?
A: You will need the most updated version of Adobe Reader to view all documents as they should appear. Adobe Reader is a free download and very easy to install. I sometimes receive emails and comments asking for these files to be sent via email, but I honestly have a hard time keeping up with those on top of other emails, so I apologize if I haven't emailed you an item--but the Adobe Reader should be sure to help! :)

Q: Can I reach you by email?
A: If you have any further questions, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and I will do my best to get back to you.
If you don't get a response, please know that I try to respond to all, but it gets hectic during the school year--as you well know! :)

If you have a question relating to a post on the blog, please comment on that post...I have been working very hard to respond quickly to comment questions! :)

Note: I cannot send files by email, as explained above. Thanks for your understanding! 

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