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    1. You are Awesome!
      I'm vert new at technology but thanks to you I'm learning a lot! A month ago you had tutorial on: How to make a calendar and how to create a blog. Do you miv putting adding those tutorials for newbees like me?
      Thank You,

    2. Thank you for these great tutorials! I was wondering if you can help me with putting a picture link in my own blog post. I have tried several times with no luck. I hit "link" and copy the URL address from my TpT address and hit OK, and it shows up in my draft but when I publish it's not there. I'm a bit frustrated :( You can see what I mean in my last post "Back to School Freebie".

      I thank you in advance for any help you can give me, and for these great tutorials!

      Laugh Live Love Learn

    3. These are GREAT! Keep them coming! I have learned so many little tricks and tips from you! Thanks so much! You're my new "Go To Girl!"

      Trendy Tech Tips

    4. Where can I find cute borders and graphics for printables? Are they free downloads?

    5. Do you still create blog templates? I really need help getting one started?

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    7. Such great tutorials! Thanks for your extra time and help!! :)
      Kinder Krazy

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    9. Hi Kristen,
      I remember you had a tutorial on how to add the link to your blog when you leave a comment. My computer crashed and burned a few months back and I can't seem to figure out how to get that code and cut and paste it again. If you can add a tutorial on that I would greatly appreciate it.

    10. HI, I was wondering if you have directions on how to add the Pinterest button to photos on my blog? I've noticed lots of teachers are now using this feature!


      First Grade Lyons' Den

      1. I was wondering the same thing as Laurie! :) As a newbie, I haven't had much luck with the tutorials I've already seen online.
        Thanks for sharing all your tips,

    11. Do you create your own borders or do you buy them as clipart? They are wonderful!

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    13. I know I am doing this incorrectly, but I need help. I paid for the kickable syllable games, and I can't print them. I've not had trouble printing anything else, but do you have any suggestions for me? I really need them and downloaded them 10/1/2013. My email address is thomasgirls@aol.com, my name is Suzie Thomas. Thank you in advance

    14. I love your tutorials!! I was wondering if you could give a tutorial on how to set up PowerPoint to print the labels?? What are the dimensions for the labels to print more than one on each slide?


    Blogging tips